You should perform a weekly cleaning routine on a Pepsi Drop-In Fountain. The video below will show you how to do this:

Or if you prefer not to watch a video, these are the steps:

  • Turn the key switch to the off position
  • Remove the nozzles and diffusers for all valves by turning them counter clockwise and pulling down
  • Separate each nozzle from its diffuser and rinse all parts with warm water
  • Soak the nozzles and diffusers in sanitizing solution for 60-90 seconds
  • Remove the nozzles and diffusers from the sanitizing solution and allow to air dry on a clean surface
  • Brush under each valve with a dedicated cleaning brush and sanitizing solution
  • Scoop all ice from the bin
  • Remove the bin covers and wash both sides of the cover in the sink then allow to air dry
  • Fill a labeled and dedicated spray bottle with sanitizing solution and spray the interior of the ice bin then scrub with dedicated brush soaked in sanitizing solution
  • Thoroughly rinse the ice bin with warm water and allow to air dry
  • Re-install the ice bin cover
  • Pour remainder of sanitizing solution over the cup rest and down the drip tray drain
  • Put the nozzles and diffusers back on the valves, ensuring that the diffuser is facing the correct direction and the nozzle is not cross-threaded
  • Re-fill the ice bin with ice and re-install the ice bin cover
  • Turn the key switch to the on position
  • Tap each cup lever to flush out any residual cleaning solution into a cup or drain