If you have a valve that is suddenly pouring the wrong flavor, you may have the wrong box of syrup connected.

It's a simple mistake to make and easy to resolve:

  • Confirm the flavor of syrup you have hooked up
  • If the BIB is not the correct flavor, remove the wrong one and connect the right one
  • If you have changed the BIB to the correct flavor, you will need to flush the wrong flavor out of the syrup line
  • You can do this by pouring the affected flavor for approximately 30 seconds (this will take longer the further your BIBs are from the fountain)
  • If you had a particularly strong flavor hooked up to the wrong line, like root beer for example, you may need to have the lines flushed or changed by a Pepsi Equipment Services Technician to eliminate residual flavor in the line

If these steps have not resolved your issue, then please Click Here to submit a New Ticket so we can send a Pepsi Equipment Service Technician to your location.