If you have an Electric Cooled fountain that will not dispense any water at all, including both carbonated and plain water, follow the troubleshooting below:

If you prefer not to watch a video, these are the steps:

  • Check the water shut-off valve and ensure it is in the on position
  • If you have a water booster combo, ensure that the shut-offs are in the on position and check the gauges to see that you have water pressure
  • If you have water pressure, check to see when the filter was last changed, they should be changed once a year at least
  • If the water supply is on and the filter has been changed within the last year, unplug the dispenser from the outlet for 15-20 seconds, if the motor runs, let it run until it stops
  • Dispense a carbonated drink for 45-60 seconds

If these steps have not resolved your issue, then please Click Here to submit a New Ticket so we can send a Pepsi Equipment Service Technician to your location.