You should perform a weekly cleaning routine on a Pepsi Bargun. The video below will show you how to do this:

Or if you prefer not to watch a video, these are the steps:

  • Remove the nozzle by turning counter clockwise then pulling down
  • If the nozzle is difficult to remove, soak only the nozzle part of the bargun in carbonated water for 5 minutes
  • Rinse the nozzle and brush it with a dedicated soft-bristled brush, then soak it in sanitizing solution for 60-90 seconds, then remove it and allow to air dry
  • Brush under the bargun diffuser with a dedicated brush and sanitizing solution
  • If you have bin covers on the ice bin, remove them and rinse all sides to loosen any grime, then brush all sides with a sanitizing solution and allow to air dry
  • Scoop all ice from the bin, then fill a labeled and dedicated spray bottle with sanitizing solution and spray the interior of the ice bin then scrub with dedicated brush soaked in sanitizing solution
  • Use unscented disinfecting wipes to clean the handle and hose of the bargun
  • Use another disinfecting wipe to clean the exterior of the ice bin
  • Pour remainder of sanitizing solution down the ice bin drain
  • Rinse bin thoroughly and allow to air dry, then re-install the bin covers
  • Re-attach the nozzle to the bargun