Directions for Starry BIB Change Over:

  • Deplete inventory levels of SIERRA MIST ASAP 
  • Order (1) BIB of STARRY through your typical ordering process 
  • Once depleted disconnect BIB of SIERRA MIST 
  • Place BIB of STARRY in the same position on the bag-in-box rack
  • Connect STARRY BIB 
  • For valves that previously poured SIERRA MIST, STARRY labels should be placed on the same line 
  • Activate (run) each affected valve and allow to run for approximately 30 seconds to help flush old flavor from the syrup line
  • If there appears to be any off-taste repeat the flush process
  • ONLY call Pepsi Equipment Service if you experience any taste or service issue @ 877-386-4567