If you need help replacing an empty Syrup Bag-In-Box (BIB) the video below can show you how to do this:

Or if you prefer not to watch a video, these are the steps:

  • You should replace only one BIB at a time to avoid mixing up flavors 
  • Unscrew the BIB connector by turning counter clockwise and remove the empty box
  • Clean the BIB connector by agitating it in a bucket of clean, warm water for 10-15 seconds then dry the connector with a clean cloth
  • Place a new BIB of the same flavor in the empty space and open the box by pushing in at the "A" perforation and pulling up the "B" perforated tab to access the nozzle
  • Remove the protective cap from the nozzle and screw on the BIB Connector by turning clockwise, ensuring that the connector is hand tightened and is not cross-threaded
  • You will likely hear the syrup pump push a few bursts of CO2 as it fills the line with new syrup

If you have issues replacing a BIB or if your BIB connector is broken, then please Click Here to Submit a New Ticket so we can send a Pepsi Equipment Service Technician to your location.