If you have run out of a flavor on the Pepsi Spire fountain, you can lock out that flavor to let you customers know it's not available to select. The video below will show you how to lock out the flavor and how to unlock it again when you have product back in stock.

If you prefer not to watch a video, these are the steps:

  • P-Swipe the screen by drawing a large "P" on the screen beginning in the lower left corner above the water button. The screen will flash white if you have done this correctly, then P-Swipe again
  • The PIN keypad will appear, enter the store manager code of 2-3-4-5 then select "Service"
  • Press the needed flavor icon on the screen
  • Select button to lock dispense, then press again to confirm valve lock dispense then press close
  • To unlock a flavor you have previously locked, follow these same steps and select and confirm unlock dispense
  • When you have finished setting the flavors, press the "Exit to Consumer UI" button in the lower left corner

If these steps have not resolved your issue, then please Click Here to submit a New Ticket so we can send a Pepsi Equipment Service Technician to your location.