After you have created a ticket a common question we are asked is "when will my tech get here?" There are many factors that can affect that, but above all, our technicians respond as quickly as possible

  • Once a ticket is created you will receive an email similar to the one below with your confirmation number and an estimated response time for the Pepsi Equipment Services Technician.

How was that response time calculated?

  • There are many factors that determine the response time: The Serviceable Hours based on your hours of operation and ours (7am-11pm), your service agreement, and the type of service you need. We estimate the longest reasonable time based on these elements in order to allow us to service all customers promptly, but in many cases our technicians arrive for service much sooner than the time we quote.

How is your service call prioritized?

  • We use a continuous dispatching system to ensure we make the best use of your time and ours. The system analyzes the work load in your area every 10 minutes and knows where other orders are and how long they should take, then finds the best position with a nearby technician for the fastest response time for you. This is actually why we have trouble calculating an exact ETA, and instead use a response time window. The technicians are routed dynamically by the urgency and proximity of the service orders rather than a first come first served logic.

What happens if something has changed about the service need, like it was a small leak but now its flooding?

  • We understand things like this happen and it is part of why we dispatch dynamically, it allows us to react better to your changing needs. If this happens, just let us know and our dispatchers will work to prioritize your service order accordingly. Check your ticket status on the portal and add a new note with the changes or reply to the last email with the updated information; it will update your ticket notes and we will get to work on re-prioritization the issue. You can always calls us anytime at 866.997.3774!

If you still have questions, then please Click Here to submit a New Ticket if needed and we will get to work trying to help you with your Pepsi service need!