If you need help replacing an empty High Pressure CO2 Tank, the video below can show you how to do this:

Or if you prefer not to watch a video, these are the steps:

  • Turn valve on tank clockwise to turn CO2 supply off
  • Using a CO2 wrench, loosen the brass nut to the gauge assembly by turning the nut counter-clockwise
  • There will be a short hiss sound as the CO2 pressure releases
  • Finish loosening the CO2 nut by hand while supporting the gauges with your other hand (this will make the nut easier to remove and prevent the gauges from falling and breaking)
  • Set the gauge assembly to the side then replace the empty tank with a full on and be sure to secure the safety chains
  • Re-attach the line by holding the gauge assembly in one hand while hand tightening the brass nut by turning clockwise on the new CO2 tank
  • Using a CO2 wrench, finish tightening the nut
  • Slowly turn valve on tank counter-clockwise to turn CO2 supply back on