A cleaning cycle should be performed every 14 days to keep this equipment in tip top shape! The video below can help you with this, or see the attached guide from the manufacturer for detailed instructions on the cleaning process.   

Or if you prefer not to watch a video, these are the steps:

  • Empty drink product from the hoppers, then turn off both the cooling and auger selections
  • Unplug the hopper lamp cord and remove the hopper lid 
  • Press the hopper lock plunger and lift slightly, then pull the hopper assembly forward
  • Pull the auger off the cooling drum and remove the hopper seal
  • Disconnect the handle from the hopper (Caution, this is under tension)
  • Slide up and remove the spring and faucet seal then remove the auger nose bushing from the hopper
  • Remove the drip tray and cover
  • Clean all parts in a sink with hot water and sanitizing solution, allowing parts (except hopper lid) to soak for 5 minutes. Use a clean cloth or soft bristle brush to ensure all parts are clean
  • Wash drums, hopper tray, covers, and all surfaces with a clean cloth and sanitizing solution 
  • Thoroughly rinse all parts and dry with a clean cloth
  • Replace the auger nose bushing on the hopper and reinstall the hopper seal on the cooling drum  
  • Put the auger back on the drum and install the hopper over the auger
  • Set the hopper lid back on the hopper with the lamp and cord at the back then re-plug the cord
  • Slide the faucet valve assembly into place on the hopper and position the faucet handle over the faucet valve and snap into place
  • Place the drip tray and cover
  • Turn on auger and cooling settings and re-fill the hoppers with drink product